Bill proposes Alabama lottery limited to multi-state gaming

Lottery scratch ticket

A Senate committee will debate a proposal to have Alabama join multi-state lottery games like Mega-Millions and Powerball.

The Senate Tourism and Marketing Committee will hold a public hearing Wednesday on the bill sponsored by Republican Sen. Trip Pittman of Montrose.

Pittman’s bill seeks to have the state join the multi-state games instead of creating its own lottery scheme. The bill is an alternative proposal to other lottery bills that have stalled because of a lack of consensus over the details.

If approved by lawmakers, voters would have the final say on whether lottery ticket sales will be allowed in the state.

Forty-four states have lotteries. Alabama, Mississippi, Utah, Nevada, Hawaii and Alaska do not.

Alabamians in 1999 voted down a lottery proposed by then-Gov. Don Siegelman.

Republished with permission of the Associated Press.


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