Attorney General announces weapons permit holders can now purchase guns without background check

Second Amendment gun

Attorney General Luther Strange has announced a streamlining of state law for gun enthusiasts: if you already have a concealed weapons permit, you no longer have to submit to a background check for additional firearms purchases.

Strange said Thursday the move to lift the background requirement for up to five years just makes good common sense.

“Alabama concealed carry permit holders in good standing have already passed a background check and there is no need to force them to submit to additional checks if they intend to buy a firearm within five years of receiving their permit,” said Strange, a Republican first elected in 2010.

Until now, holders of Alabama’s Permit to Carry Pistol in Vehicle or Concealed on Person had to submit an additional background check request for each subsequent weapon they purchased.

Strange negotiated the change with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, housed in the U.S. Department of Justice.

“I’m pleased that the ATF has approved my request to exempt Alabama conceal carry permit holders from having to undergo additional background checks each time they want to buy a firearm,” said Strange.

Alabama now joins 23 other states given National Instant Criminal Background Check exemptions for concealed carry permit holders.


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