Email insights: Conservative group, Take Back Our Republic announces new regional coordinators

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In an email, Take Back Our Republic (TBOR), a right-leaning campaign finance reform group that’s building conservative support for reducing the influence of private wealth in politics, announced a slew of regional coordinators Tuesday.
Launched in January by conservative political consultant John Pudner, who’s best known for for helping Tea-Party-backed candidate Dave Brat unseat then-House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), TBOR’s mission is to conduct research, analysis and public education on conservative ideas for improving the financing of campaigns. The new coordinators will help fulfill said mission.
Here’s the full email and the list of regional coordinators:

Take Back Our Republic (TBOR), an organization advocating individual participation in the American political system is the best way to preserve and strengthen liberty, today announced ten new regional coordinators. After more than a year of touring the country establishing state chapters to educate the public on conservative solutions to campaign finance reform, these new TBOR Regional Coordinators are providing a grassroots forum to convey the price we all pay for transactional donations used to elect or defeat politicians.

Executive Director John Pudner, Southeast Director Joe Comerford and Florida Coordinator Wayne Rossiter will be in Miami through the GOP Debate March 10, and will be organizing in Orlando March 11-12 and Jacksonville through the March 15 Primary.

Regional Coordinators map

Each regional coordinator worked with members of the existing Take Back team to build their State efforts during 2015 or in past political campaigns that led them to believe in the need for conservative solutions to campaign finance reform:

  1. Bryan Posthumus: IL, IN, MI, WI – After generous grants and policy ideas from the Stuart Family Foundation in Lake Forest, IL, other potential donors in all four of these states have stepped forward to discuss our efforts. Bryan’s family experienced big money attacks and support first hand in his father’s successful Lt. Governor’s race. Joe Zane will become Michigan Coordinator with Bryan’s promotion to Regional.
  2. Cameron Price: CO, NM, OK, TX (except Houston) – Building on great turnout at State Chapter meetings in Oklahoma and New Mexico and for a video conference in Colorado, Cameron will work with Advisory Board Member Lanell Morold in Dallas. Cameron is a veteran of political campaigns both as a campaign manager and in his mother’s successful elections, and travels this region as an Independent landman, and livestock consultant.
  3. Chris Beatty: DC, DE, MD, NC, VA, WV – After recruiting people from several states, as far away as Florida, for a White House rally, Chris found several potential donors and community leaders spokespeople throughout this region. He will work with Diane Cullo, Steve Thomas and Chuck Cunningham on DC efforts including passage of HR 4177.
  4. Cole Muzio: KY, OH, PA, TN – Cole’s successful work with our Executive Director on Dave Brat’s upset of Eric Cantor is documented in Taxation Only With Representation. Cole has run numerous successful referenda, zoning efforts, and campaigns throughout this region.
  5. Francis Johnson: AK, AZ, CA, HI, NV, OR, WA – Francis is focusing on an Arizona campaign finance reform referendum and meeting with organizations throughout California, as well as a large state chapter being built in Oregon. Francis has been featured in Black Enterprise, and Ebony Magazine as one of the top five Black Republicans in the country for his ability to raise money, organize grassroots. Francis runs a public affairs/public relations firm.
  6. Heidi Linford: ID, MT, ND, SD, WY – Heidi is focusing on an Idaho campaign finance referendum. She will also work with Ogden Driskoll, the Wyoming State Coordinator and rancher from next to Devil’s Tower, to build a large organization there. Heidi ran a hugely successful convention effort in the western part of the state when Take Back’s ED was a campaign manager for a statewide effort there in 2008 and where her brother is now State Party Chair.
  7. Jacob Scott: IA, KS, MN, MO, NE – Jacob organized one of the most successful fundraisers in 2015, organizing conservative reformers in Kansas City prior to a World Series game. He introduced John to a number of Missouri legislators and legislative assistants, one of whom (Dave Myers of Springfield) will become the Missouri coordinator with Jacob’s promotion to regional coordinator.
  8. Joe Comerford: AL, FL, GA, SC – Joey first marched with TBOR’s press secretary Jared Thomas in a campaign event in 2003 for now Congressman Tom Price. It was one of several successful Georgia campaigns, though he also coordinating several huge events in Auburn, Alabama when he was a student there, and he has family connections throughout the region. Joey plans to meet with ED John Pudner and new Florida coordinator Wayne Rossiter in Coral Gables next week to focus on a Miami-Dade campaign finance referendum.
  9. Paul Lichstein: CT, MA, ME, NH, NJ, NY, RI, VT – Paul was the first and only Regional Coordinator for Take Back in 2015. He worked State Capitol’s throughout the region for years, and said in an HBO interview that the multi-million dollar company he runs pays more in taxes than multi-billion dollar corporations as an example of the price we all pay. He successfully connected Take Back’s ED with potential donors in NJ and NY, and worked NH events with him prior to the Primary there.
  10. York Forsyth: AR, LA, MS, TX (Houston) – York is focused on an Arkansas campaign finance referendum. As Louisiana State Coordinator, he battled with Jacob Scott’s Missouri chapter for top Take Back chapter. He has posted blogs and collected members, and helped spread the word through the University of New Orleans, where he teaches. Brandt Lewis will take over the Louisiana chapter with York’s promotion to Regional.

The Regional coordinators will each help to advance some combination of the five facets of the TBOR mission; 1) compliance (never using Take Back resources or forums to advance or defeat any party or candidate, 2) development (finding and cultivating like-minded donors), 3) media (educating the public on the price we all pay through traditional and social media), 4) members and lists (building lists of like-minded activists and community leaders), 5) policy (finding the most effective solutions, from state referenda to Congressional legislation).

Anyone wishing to start or join a state chapter, or help Take Back Our Republic in any other way should email or call Justin at the office at 334-329-7258.

Take Back Our Republic is a 501c3  a national non-profit organization seeking to educate the public on conservative solutions for campaign finance reform. Its mission is to conduct research, analysis and public education on conservative ideas for improving the financing of campaigns.

TBOR will soon announce members of the New National Advisory Board. In May, several of those members are expected to be elected to join the three original Board Members (Mark McKinnon, Juleanna Glover and Richard Painter) on a new expanded Governing Board.


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