Alabama becomes latest state to advocate lifting Cuban trade embargo

Havana Cuba

On Tuesday, the Alabama House of Representatives passed SJR43 from Sen. J.T. Wagonner (R-Vestavia Hills), which urges Congress to lift the Cuban trade embargo that has been in place for more than 50 years. The resolution has been unanimously passed by both chambers.

Last October, Bentley joined with governors from eight other states – Arkansas, California, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas – to urge Congress to drop the embargo, which has stifled American trade with the caribbean island for half a century.

Already, Alabama is making its place in Cuba – Cleber, LLC, the Alabama-based agricultural equipment manufacturer, will be the first U.S manufacturer in Cuba.

“The Alabama legislature is sending a loud and clear message that Alabama is paving the way for a new relationship with the Cuban people,” James Williams, President of Engage Cuba, said in a statement Tuesday. “Lifting the embargo and expanding commerce opportunities will benefit Alabama businesses and help improve the lives of the Cuban people. It is time for Washington to listen to the majority of Americans and Cubans to end the embargo.”

With its earlier passage by the Senate, the resolution’s next stop is the desk of Gov. Robert Bentley.


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