Mike Hubbard set to go to trial in May

Mike Hubbard gavel
Photo Credit: Mike Hubbard Facebook page

Embattled House Speaker Mike Hubbard had earlier called for his ethics case to be dismissed due to prosecutorial misconduct, but Lee County Circuit Court Judge Jacob Walker flatly denied the request Tuesday and told Hubbard to be ready for trial May 9.

Hubbard’s case was basing its argument on recent revelations that Matt Hart, a lawyer in the Attorney General’s office, had provided a Hubbard opponent with “confidential grand jury information” in an effort to sully the Speaker’s name.

In his decision, Walker concluded that those allegations did not constitute “prosecutorial misconduct.” Further, Walker dismissed arguments that Hart had leaked grand jury information to the media and motions to dismiss based on “vindictive prosecution.” Walker also dismissed motions requesting that Hart testify.

Despite the leak allegations not being enough for a dismissal, the judge did say that those allegations could be discussed in the upcoming trial.

Hubbard currently faces 23 felony charges of using his office for personal gain. He has been accused of using his position as Speaker of the House, and formerly as chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, to solicit jobs and investments in businesses with which he was involved.

Further, Hubbard is accused of lobbying members of the executive branch for consulting clients and aiding in the inclusion of General Fund language to benefit a client.

Hubbard has maintained his innocence and was reelected despite the felony allegations.


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