Ed Henry to bring forth “articles of impeachment” of Robert Bentley

Ed Henry and Robert Bentley

Gov. Robert Bentley, who has been feeling the heat since allegations of an affair between him and former staffer Rebekah Mason surfaced, got more bad news Wednesday — Alabama House Rep. Ed Henry (R-Decatur) will bring forth articles of impeachment aimed at unseating the scandal-ridden governor.

From all indications, he will have the support from both Republican and Democratic lawmakers who have vehemently decried the governor’s behavior since word of the scandal broke.

Henry said he will carry the resolution to impeach Bentley for ineffective leadership, incompetence and violations rooted in moral turpitude. Further, Henry hopes to have the resolution ready to go before lawmakers when they return from spring break April 5.

Henry believes that in order for the state to make any progress on economic development issues Bentley will have to be removed from office. Further, the Republican lawmaker accused Bentley of lying to the Alabama people since the beginning of his second term as Alabama’s governor.

Henry continued that Alabama lawmakers have lost trust in the governor and his political standing has declined since sexually explicit recordings of phone conversations between Bentley and Mason came to light.

If the impeachment resolution is able to clear the House, it will go to the Senate for final passage and Henry believes he has the votes in both chambers to get it through.


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