What papers do you read? Alabama Today seeks to be different


Many people remember when Katie Couric asked Sarah Palin in 2008, “What papers do you read?”

When I get up in the morning I skim my Twitter feed for breaking news nationally and statewide (using the #ALpolitics before and now checking out the lists on the Alabama Today twitter account), read top stories on Google news, read SaintPetersBlog, then depending on what those have shown will move onto either national papers or Hill news.

Inevitably once all that is done (and my coffee is cold) I’ll find myself forced to scroll the homepage of Alabama’s biggest news site to see what else is happening here at home.

From the home screen stuffed between weather updates, feel-good local stories, infuriating crime stories, football (high school, college and endless commentary in between), entertainment, features, style, and, of course, my favorite — the opinion of clearly biased reporters masking as news stories — I can sometimes find valuable hard news or engaging opinions.

That’s why this site exists. Who has the time to spend this much time getting the statewide and local news that matters?

That’s why I need your help making this site a success. Here’s five simple ways:

1) If you have a business, organization or company add us to your press list pressreleases@ALToday.com.

2) If you have a voice to lend and a clear and concise message, email us at info@ALToday.com to discuss writing opinion columns or submitting op-eds.

3) If you have tips on breaking news or stories email us at tips@ALToday.com.

4) Follow us on social media like and follow our Facebook and Twitter.

5) Share our stories: Link to our page, email articles and help spread the word.