Alabama legislative preview: April 11 – April 15, 2016

Alabama State Capitol

Alabama legislators will return to Montgomery this week to continue the 2016 regular session. The House will convene at 1pm on Tuesday, April 12th, while the Senate will convene at 4pm.

This week the House will consider:

HB393, which would give the Department of Agriculture and Industries the authority to study, regulate, and tax industrial hemp, and reclassify the plant as separate from marijuana.

  • Sponsored by Ken Johnson (R-Moulton)
  • The Senate version, SB347, is sponsored by Sen. Paul Bussman (R-Cullman)

HB218, an effort to require cursive handwriting skills to be taught by the end of the third grade year to “to prepare him or her to enter the world of work and/or to complete course work at the postsecondary level.”

  • Sponsored by Dickie Drake (R-Leeds)

HB2, or the “Kelsey Smith Act”, which would require wireless communications service providers to give location information to law enforcement agencies upon request in an emergency situation involving a risk of death or serious bodily harm.

  • Sponsored by Tommy Hanes (R-Scottsboro)

The Healthcare Costs sub-committee will meet Tuesday at 10am in room 418 to consider HB158, the Child Care Provider Inclusion Act, which would prohibit the state from discriminating against a child care service provider on the basis that the provider declines to provide a child care service that conflicts with the religious beliefs of the provider. HB158 is sponsored by Rep. Richie Wingo (R-Tuscaloosa)

The Senate has yet to publish its special order calendar, but this story will be updated when it becomes available.



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