Impeachment ​a​ction ​a​gainst Robert Bentley slows

Robert Bentley

The proposed impeachment of Gov. Robert Bentley has stalled as legislators work to establish an investigatory committee to probe the issue.

Bentley on Tuesday said he hopes the impeachment process against him is losing steam. Rules Chairman Mac McCutcheon says the issue is a “priority,” but wouldn’t speak to a specific timeline.

Bentley last month admitted to making sexually charged remarks to a female aide but has denied a physical affair or misuse of his office.

Legislators say framework is needed for the impeachment process, which is unprecedented and only loosely outlined in the state Constitution.

Republican Rep. Mike Ball, who supported the original impeachment resolution, says there is a “distinct possibility” legislators could call a special meeting after the session if the committee finds probable cause.

Republished with permission of the Associated Press.


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