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Daniel Sutter: Identifying What Ails Us

This year has seen high-profile litigation involving different products and carcinogens.

Daniel Sutter: Are we running out of resources?

Thanksgiving began as a celebration of Nature’s bounty.  Nature’s bounty includes natural resources.  Despite reports to the contrary, Cato Institute research demonstrates...

Daniel Sutter: The good and bad economics of plea bargains

Plea bargains let persons accused of crimes plead guilty and receive reduced charges or a reduced sentence. Although some people find the...

Daniel Sutter: Did we win the Chinese trade war?

President Donald Trump recently announced a partial trade settlement with China.  Does this mean we have won the trade war?  Details remain sparse,...

Daniel Sutter: The games donors and universities play

Controversies over gifts at two SEC schools, Alabama and Missouri, have recently attracted attention. The cases highlight the tension between donor goals...

Daniel Sutter: Is it payday for college athletes?

California recently passed a law allowing college athletes to receive compensation. This stokes anew the debate about paying college athletes and may...

Daniel Sutter: Is Alabama a poor state?

By most measures of income, yes, but income does not account for the cost of living. Does a low cost of living...

Daniel Sutter: Is a renewable electric grid a mirage?

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions to curb climate change will require enormous sacrifice. The enormity of the required sacrifice suggests that we should...

Daniel Sutter: Why go to college?

More than three million students will begin college this year, many pursuing degrees needed for high paying jobs. Amazingly, bachelor’s degrees open...

Daniel Sutter: The economic value of national unity

The Edmund Burke Foundation recently hosted the National Conservatism Conference which explored, among other questions, the meaning and importance of patriotic national...



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