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Doug Jones of Alabama calls rival Tommy Tuberville ‘Coach Clueless’

Jones criticized Tuberville’s reaction to tapes of President Donald Trump saying in February that he knew the severity of the coronavirus.

Kamala Harris bringing energy, dollars and more to Joe Biden’s campaign

Harris is rapidly embracing her new role.

Inside the Statehouse: Tommy Tuberville ran a good disciplined campaign for...

Steve Flowers outlines what Tommy Tuberville needs to do in order to defeat Doug Jones.

Inside the Statehouse: GOP primary over, fall elections begin

Steve Flowers reviews Alabama's electoral landscape in the wake of this month's primary run-off elections.

Tommy Tuberville says maybe to debate; Doug Jones: Voters deserve one

Republicans are seeking to reclaim the Senate seat from Jones, who won a 2017 special election.

Senate race shapes up to be a contentious slugfest

After pulling off one improbable victory, Jones is not ceding his chances of another in a race setting up to be both pricey and combative.

In defeat, Jeff Sessions still says Donald Trump is right for...

Sessions was left to defend his honor for perhaps the final time against the unconventional president he helped elect but then enraged.

Tommy Tuberville defeats Jeff Sessions, wins Alabama Senate GOP primary

Sessions was gracious to Tuberville, pledging he’d work to help defeat Jones.

Inside the Statehouse: GOP Senate race decided

Steve Flowers discusses the dynamics of last night's U.S. Senate runoff.

Tommy Tuberville wins GOP Senate race, House runoffs undecided

Former football coach and first-time candidate Tommy Tuberville handily defeated former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.



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