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Martha Roby: Hurricane Sally updates

Martha Roby outlines her efforts to help with hurricane recovery efforts and asks for applications for the U.S. Military Academy.

Martha Roby: We will never forget

"The victims of that fateful day and the heroes who emerged will live forever in the hearts of the American people."

Barry Moore draws criticism over meme about Wisconsin shooting

Moore later deleted the post and apologized for its graphic nature.

Roby Weekly: Now is the time to be vigilant

"This virus remains a significant threat to the health and well-being of many, and Alabamians must continue to heed advice from public health officials."

Martha Roby: Back to School

Students of all ages from kindergarten to college are starting back to school, whether with in-person instruction or virtual learning. Every school...

Bradley Byrne: Celebrating the nineteenth amendment

Suffragist pressure finally swayed enough votes to get Senate passage in 1919.

Martha Roby: Honoring our service members

As the novel Coronavirus pandemic continues to be a top focus throughout the country, it is important we do not forget about...

Tommy Tuberville wins GOP Senate race, House runoffs undecided

Former football coach and first-time candidate Tommy Tuberville handily defeated former U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Senate, House runoffs included on today’s runoff ballot

The nation focuses its attention on Alabama today.

Senate, House runoffs included on Alabama runoff ballot

There are important runoffs for Senate, Congress, State School Board and Court of Criminal Appeals.



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