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Alabama House votes 67-31 to end special elections

Alabama is poised to an to end special elections when vacancies occur in the state's two U.S. Senate seats, should a bill that has now...

Bill giving police access to cellphone location data passes Alabama House

The Alabama House of Representatives on Thursday passed a bill requiring wireless companies in the state to hand over location data to law enforcement agencies...

Mac McCutcheon: My vision for the Alabama House

As the newly-elected Speaker of the Alabama House of Representatives, I thought it important to take a moment and let readers here know something...

Alabama House to debate how to spend BP oil spill settlement

The Alabama House Ways and Means Committee approved a plan on Tuesday for spending Alabama's settlement money from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon "BP" oil spill in the...

Alabama House passes 11th-hour Medicaid funding patch in BP settlement compromise

A deal providing $70 million in additional funding from the BP settlement to Medicaid was struck Thursday night in the Alabama House, providing a...

23 Alabama legislators sign Robert Bentley articles of impeachment

Twenty-three members of the Alabama House of Representatives have signed a resolution authored by Republican from Hartselle Ed Henry calling for the impeachment of...

Alabama House committee passes weakened payday lending reform

The House Financial Services Committee voted Wednesday to approve a version of the payday lending reform bill already passed by the Alabama Senate, but...

Alabama legislative preview: April 19 – April 22, 2016

As the clock begins to wind down on the Alabama Legislature's 2016 Regular Session, the heat will begin to build under legislators and special...

Alabama Senate passes education budget, teacher pay raise

The Alabama Senate passed Wednesday evening the Education Trust Fund budget, funding education in the state, as well as the first pay raise for...

Here’s what would happen should Robert Bentley be impeached

The impeachment process is seldom used in Alabama politics. Reserving its use for only the most egregious of moral or legal transgressions, the power of...



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