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Alabama Farmers Federation calls Trump’s farm bailout ‘a step forward’

The Alabama Farmers Federation’s (ALFA) is calling President Donald Trump's farm bailout "a step forward" for farmers. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) on Monday announced the plan...

Steve Flowers: Beth Chapman – on rane plane ride?

Recently, I wrote about ALFA's influence in Alabama politics. In my August 8 column, I said, the Alabama Farmers Federation still controls the Legislature. They...

Alabama Farmers Federation endorses Luther Strange for Senate

With more than 357,000 member families, Alabama's largest farm organization has thrown its support behind Sen. Luther Strange for the upcoming U.S. Senate special election. FarmPAC, a...

Mike Rogers: Helping East Alabama’s farmers

As Alabama’s only member on the House Agriculture Committee, I take my role in protecting our farmer’s best interests very seriously. Alabama’s agricultural industry has...
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