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Trump administration to rescind Obama-era guidance on affirmative action

The Trump administration is rescinding Obama-era guidance that encouraged schools to take a student’s race into account to encourage diversity in admissions, a U.S....

Donald Trump returns to Arizona – and a chaotic political landscape

Donald Trump was just a few weeks into his candidacy in 2015 when he came to Phoenix for a speech that ended up being...

Democrats, Hillary Clinton counting on Latinos to win Arizona

Sara Morales became an American citizen in 2010 and has voted in every election since. This year, the Phoenix resident will be casting a...

For Hillary Clinton, struggle to change public perception persists

Hillary Clinton bested Donald Trump in three debates. She leads in many preference polls of the most competitive states. Barring a significant shift in...

Venturing to Mexico, Donald Trump defends right to build huge wall

On Mexican soil for the first time as the Republican presidential nominee, a firm but measured Donald Trump defended the right of the United...

Robert Bentley testifies before Congress on Alabama prison reforms

Gov. Robert Bentley on Tuesday testified before a U.S. House panel on the topic of recent reforms in the Alabama statehouse designed to limit long...



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