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AT&T expands high-speed rural broadband in Alabama

AT&T has expanded Fixed Wireless Internet for rural parts of 39 counties across Alabama that don’t have access to broadband the company announced Tuesday. "In today's digital economy,...

AT&T expands high-speed internet across Alabama

AT&T has expanded it's high-speed internet service across the Sate of Alabama, impacting over 37,000 Alabama locations in parts of 32 counties. "The thousands of...

Alabama makes strides in bringing high-speed internet to rural communities

Fiber infrastructure is a key tool in attracting new and expanding businesses across Alabama, and local providers are actively working to install innovative internet...

Bernie Sanders urges government to kill AT&T-Time Warner merger

Sen. Bernie Sanders is calling on the government to block a proposed $85 billion merger of communications giants AT&T and Time Warner. The Vermont independent...

CPI study: There are six lobbying entities to every Alabama lawmaker

A recent study by The Center for Public Integrity  (CPI) has detailed the reach that national lobbying groups enjoy across the country. According to the study,...
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