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New $17 million advanced manufacturing training center coming to Alabama

The facility is designed for students, incumbent workers and people looking for a career change.

Success Plus initiative aims to add 500,000 high-skilled workers

A new strategic workforce development initiative targets the addition of 500,000 high-skilled employees to Alabama’s workforce by 2025 in response to increasing employer demands...

Alabama Supreme Court allows lawsuit against Austal to proceed

The Alabama Supreme Court on Friday said employees of Austal shipyard in Mobile, Ala. may proceed with their lawsuit against their employer. Last month, Austal employees filed...

Bradley Byrne: Maintaining a Navy

The shipbuilding industry has always been critically important to those of us living on and around the Gulf Coast. Our area has a proud...

Ronda Walker: Celebrating the Alabama-built USS Montgomery

In the fall of 2011, Secretary of the United States Navy Ray Mabus visited Montgomery and participated in a ceremony on the banks of the...

Bradley Byrne: Supporting strong a Navy and saving our jobs

President Barack Obama just doesn’t get it. From ISIS to Russia to China to Iran, our nation is facing a wider range of threats...



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