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AT&T expands high-speed internet across Alabama

AT&T has expanded it's high-speed internet service across the Sate of Alabama, impacting over 37,000 Alabama locations in parts of 32 counties. "The thousands of...

Steve Flowers: the field is beginning to formulate for 2018

As I mentioned last week, we will have a plethora of political contests to follow next year and the field is beginning to formulate. The...

Alabama Power cuts the cord from BCA Governmental Affairs Conference

In a surprise move, Alabama Power officials have decided the company would not support the upcoming Business Council of Alabama (BCA) Governmental Affairs Conference in...

William J. Canary: Public charter schools provide value to business’s future

Citizens from across Alabama again this month will gather in Montgomery for School Choice Week scheduled Jan. 22-28 to show support for improving the...

Personnel note: Business Council of Alabama announces staff changes

On Tuesday, Business Council of Alabama President and CEO William J. Canary announced new titles and duties for several BCA staff members. “I am pleased to announce...

Alabama Legislature passes new transportation funds allocation formula

The Alabama legislature nearly unanimously passed a new funding formula for the state's roads and bridges Wednesday evening, in what legislators and outside groups...

Business Council of Alabama announces 2016 manufacturers of the year

The Business Council of Alabama and the Alabama Technology Network named their picks for 2016 award winning manufacturers in the state during an annual luncheon Tuesday, attended...



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