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Mac McCutcheon: Alabama house members answer the call to duty

Speaker Mac McCutcheon praises the work of the legislature following its return to Montgomery to finish up the session amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Lawmakers approve $1.25 billion school bond issue

Kay Ivey proposed the bond issue in her State of the State address earlier this year.

Inside the Statehouse: Budget is priority number one for legislative session

Steve Flowers discusses the unique ongoing legislative session and lists a who's who in our budgetary process.

Alabama House okays proposed teacher retirement change

The bill would reverse some of the changes lawmakers implemented in 2013.

Inside the Statehouse: Methodists have Dominated High Offices in Alabama History

Alabama's leading columnists discusses the respective faiths of our state's leaders.

States charge more for electric cars as new laws take effect

The new year will bring new charges for some owners of electric vehicles, as an increasing number of states seek to plug...

Who is Bill Poole? Republican sponsoring gas tax increase bill

State Representative Bill Poole is sponsoring the bill which would call for a 10 cent tax increase. A proposal that is supported...

Gas tax supporters optimistic as bill goes to divided House

As she stakes out an agenda for her first full term as governor, one of Republican Gov. Kay Ivey’s initiatives is a...

Kay Ivey proposes 10-cent gas tax hike to pay for road...

Gov. Kay Ivey announced her Rebuild Alabama Infrastructure Plan at a press conference on Wednesday that proposes raising the state’s gas tax...

Kay Ivey signs legislation creating School of Cyber Technology and Engineering,...

Governor Kay Ivey on Monday signed into law a pair of bills SB212 and SB175, which creates the Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering and...



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