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Medical cannabis group begins drafting bill

An Alabama commission considering laws about medical marijuana met at the State House to discuss the draft of a medical marijuana bill...

Alabama regulators warn investors about jumping on the cannabis bandwagon

The Alabama Securities Commission is cautioning investors about schemes and risks associated with marijuana-related investments. Investments in marijuana business ventures are becoming more prevalent and...

Carly’s Law study at UAB finds medical marijuana oil helps epilepsy...

It's official: cannabidiol, or CBD oil, oil derived from marijuana plants, helps reduce the number of seizures in patients with treatment-resistant epilepsy. That's according to findings by...

Birmingham pro-stoner group organizing largest public smoke-out ever

It's certainly not the sort of protest you typically hear about — a group in Birmingham is calling on local stoners to show up...

Cannabis industry reacts to Jeff Sessions’ confirmation hearing

Under U.S. law, marijuana possession and distribution remains illegal, but even after Attorney General-nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions' first the day of Senate confirmation hearings...

Marijuana advocacy group moves to block Jeff Sessions’ AG Nomination

Despite the fact marijuana remains illegal on the federal level, following Election Day, 65 million Americans now live in states that authorize adult recreational...

Lab test confirms prosecutor’s staff given pot brownies

A laboratory test has confirmed that a batch of brownies given to an Alabama prosecutor's staff contained marijuana. Two people who work for Baldwin County...



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