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Democrats protest $200M in additional border wall transfers

President Donald Trump has quietly transferred more than $200 million from Pentagon counterdrug efforts toward building his long-promised wall along the U.S.-Mexico...

What’s next for James Comey? Maybe law, corporate work, politics

So what’s next for James Comey? The former FBI director boldly challenged the president who fired him, accused the Trump administration of lying and supplied...

Alabama Republicans quickly dismiss Barack Obama’s 2017 budget proposal

President Barack Obama sent his final budget proposal for 2017 to Capitol Hill on Tuesday, offering a $4 trillion spending blueprint to lawmakers that calls for billions of dollars...

Marco Rubio’s Capitol Hill fundraiser to draw wave of new supporters

Taking advantage of a surge in popularity after several strong Republican Party debate appearances, Marco Rubio expects to draw a new crop of supporters...

Personnel Update: Mike Rogers promotes Christopher R. Brinson to chief...

Earlier this week Alabama Today reported Congressman Mike Rogers current chief of staff Marshall Macomber announced he leaving the office. Today, Rogers announced his...

Where politics and music collide. Roby interns tweet Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift has two concerts in DC next week. The pop star known for engaging fans on social media has a new invite waiting...



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