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Corrections, gambling to be focus of legislative session

The state prison crisis is expected to take center stage in the legislative session.

Rauf Bolden: Should Orange Beach ban open & concealed carry...

Shootings happen every day in America. I argue for a common-sense approach at municipal facilities, respecting our After-School Programs like Camp Sunshine...

Lawmaker to introduce bill to Alabama teachers to carry firearms

Guntersville-Republican, State Rep. Will Ainsworth on Thursday said he will introduce legislation to allow some public school teachers and administrators to undergo firearms training and arm...

Martha Roby: Enhancing the protection of the Second Amendment

Our country’s Founders laid out certain rights in our Constitution in order to empower the people, not the government. Certainly among the most...

House passes bill allowing concealed carry across state lines

The U.S. House of Representatives voted 231-198 Wednesday to pass a bill that would allow people with concealed carry permits to carry their concealed...

20 percent of Alabamians have concealed carry permit — highest in...

The national gun debate continues to divide the nation leaving many Americans feeling as though their 2nd Amendments rights may soon be on the...

State Senate to vote on nixing concealed carry permits

The Alabama Senate will vote on a legislation Tuesday that would allow people to lawfully carry a concealed handgun without needing to get a permit...

State lottery, guns, wireless data bills coming to state Legislature

With the start of Alabama's Legislative Session less than a week away, a slew of bills have been prefiled in the House of Representatives. Alabama...



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