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Watch live: Roy Moore’s “Drain the Swamp” rally in Midland City

It's Election Eve in the Yellowhammer State and Republican U.S. Senate candidate and former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore is hosting his final rally of...

Roy Moore plans Election Eve “Drain the Swamp” rally in Midland...

Republican Senate hopeful Roy Moore is planning an election eve rally in the Wiregrass. Slated to begin at 6 p.m., the "Drain the Swamp" rally...

Donald Trump White House ringed by ‘swamp’ denizens despite pledge

Mike Pence has returned to Washington. So has his closest political ally, Bill Smith. Smith spent a dozen years as Pence's chief of staff while...

Drain the swamp’? Federal workers worried about Donald Trump’s plan

Melissa Baumann lives some 850 miles from the nation's capital, but when she hears President-elect Donald Trump and his supporters say they will "drain...

Donald Trump’s lobbyist ban complicates administration hiring

President-elect Donald Trump's campaign promise to "drain the swamp" of Washington might make it difficult for him to fill all the jobs in his...

Joe Henderson: Predicting Donald Trump in final debate is risky business

Game-changer? Or victory lap? That’s two potential outcomes for tonight’s third and final presidential debate. The first one applies to Donald Trump fails. If he fails to...



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