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FACT CHECK: Donald Trump myths on dipping oil prices, cold snaps

President Donald Trump is wrong when he suggests global warming can't be happening if it's really cold outside. He points to a "brutal and extended...

Fact check: Donald Trump fudges history on black vote, drug cost

Facing pivotal November elections, President Donald Trump is misrepresenting the history of African-American voting and exaggerating his influence in boosting income and controlling prescription...

FACT CHECK: Both sides loose with facts in health debate

The Congressional Budget Office report on a Republican health care bill has set off an intense reaction in Washington, and some on both sides...

FACT CHECK: What about Donald Trump’s vow on health coverage?

President Donald Trump told Americans he'd do it all on health care: "insurance for everybody," better coverage and lower consumer costs. By the reckoning...

AP FACT CHECK: Voter roll problems do not equate to fraud

Donald Trump has warned for weeks of a "rigged" election, telling his supports to watch out for large-scale voter fraud - despite a lack...

AP Fact Check: Donald Trump’s immigration speech

Wednesday was supposed to be the day Donald Trump clarified his immigration stance. But in a key speech on that subject, he misstated facts...

Fact check: Donald Trump’s spotty memory on Libya

Donald Trump is displaying a spotty memory about his past views on foreign policy. Just as he claimed to have loudly opposed the Iraq invasion...



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