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Despite being outspent 3-to-1, Buddy Choat wins Trussville mayoral runoff

After months of campaigning, the Trussville mayoral race came to a conclusion Tuesday night with City Councilman Buddy Choat being declared the winner of...

Newly released emails shed light on Trussville city council conflict

According to emails exclusively obtained by Alabama Today, current Trussville Mayor Gene Melton and mayoral candidate and City Councilman Buddy Choat wished to delay going...

Trussville Mayor Gene Melton surrounded by multiple ethics questions, rebukes opportunity...

Trussville Mayor Gene Melton has been elected five times, beginning in 1996. While some that this is too long and that the city needs to move forward,...

‘Take Back Trussville’ group looks to influence local elections

While the 2016 presidential election is making headlines, some groups are focusing their efforts a lot closer to home. Everyone may know who the president...

Top 5 moments from Trussville’s mayoral forum

Like many municipalities in Alabama, the Birmingham suburb of Trussville is holding municipal elections Aug. 23. To help introduce citizens of Trussville to the...



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