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Senate rejects rival Dem, GOP plans for reopening government

A splintered Senate swatted down competing Democratic and Republican plans for ending the 34-day partial government shutdown on Thursday, leaving President Donald Trump and...

Daniel Sutter: For-profit government?

I recently wrote about some of the problems with civil asset forfeiture, under which our governments seize money or assets allegedly involved in criminal...

Bradley Byrne: How we fund the government

Arguably, Congress’s most important power is the power of the purse. Through funding bills, Congress has an important opportunity to set the direction of...

Martha Roby: A better way to govern

It’s no secret that many Americans believe our country has lost its way. A recent Bloomberg poll showed as many as 68 percent feel...

Daniel Sutter: The convention center bubble

Government can importantly help create the conditions under which enterprise and entrepreneurship flourish. The required tasks include protecting property and contract rights, regulating sensibly,...

Angi Stalnaker: Break government logjam, so great ideas get through

The Alabama Constitution is the longest of its kind in the world. No other state and no other nation has a governing document that...



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