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Big differences between GOP health care bill, Obama-era law

At first glance, the health care bill from House Republicans appears to have similarities to the Obama-era law, such as tax credits, protections for...

GOP hopeful Scott Walker offers health plan with tax credits

Republican presidential candidate Scott Walker's plan for replacing President Barack Obama's health care law would extend refundable tax credits to help pay for private...

2016 presidential hopefuls react to SCOTUS Obamacare ruling

In the wake of Thursday's Supreme Court ruling in favor of a key part of President Barack Obama's signature health care law on Thursday,...

State Senate leader files plan to check Medicaid, prison spending

Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh has introduced a plan to address what he sees as the deeperĀ issue in the current budget dilemma: growth...

State mental health organizations rally to fight agency cuts

Mental-health service workers and recipients rallied across Alabama on Monday, asking lawmakers to not cut millions in funding for the Alabama Department of Mental...
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