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House passes “safe harbor” bill for human trafficking victims

Alabama may soon offer safe harbor provisions for children who have been victims of human trafficking. Under House Bill 433, children who have been...

Tax proposal would cover most common adult vices

Alabama Today has learned that Rep. Jack Williams is looking into a way to restructure state statutes that govern materials deemed for adult consumption...

New law reverses controversial “innovator liability” high court ruling

Manufacturers of brand-name products cannot be held liable for the effects of generic versions they don’t make or sell, according to a law signed by...

Uber, Lyft ridesharing in Alabama gets mixed reaction from lawmakers

Lawmakers can’t agree  whether bringing an app-based ride-hailing service like Uber or Lyft to Alabama is a good thing. Just this week, House lawmakers declined...

Filibuster delays House decision on voter registration

Debate on a set of voting rights bills was delayed again Tuesday as House Democrats took turns speaking in an effort to filibuster. The...



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