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Donald Trump says illegal crossings down; they’re up

Illegal border crossings, as President Donald Trump measures them, have gone up since he took office, even as he speaks to audiences about a...

Donald Trump leaves possibility of bailing on meeting with Kim open

President Donald Trump said that although he’s looking ahead optimistically to a historic summit meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un he could...

James Comey compares Donald Trump to mob boss

Firing back at a sharply critical book by former FBI director James Comey, President Donald Trump blasted him Friday as an “untruthful slime ball,”...

Democrat criticizes Barack Obama for slow response to Russian hacks

The Senate intelligence committee's top Democrat criticized the Obama administration on Tuesday for its slow response to allegations of Russian hacking during the presidential...

Bradley Byrne: National security should always be our top priority

When considering whether to vote in favor of legislation, I often ask myself a simple question: Is this in the best interest of the...



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