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GOP squirms as John Bolton prepares to dish on Donald Trump...

After this week's early leaks about the book, White House aides and allies are privately expressing concern about what more Bolton might reveal.

No escape: Senators to be quiet, unplugged for Donald Trump impeachment...

Senators will begin each day with a proclamation: "All persons are commanded to keep silence, on pain of imprisonment."

U.S. officials raise alarm about 2018, 2020 election security

President Donald Trump has directed a “vast, government-wide effort” to protect American elections after Russian attempts to interfere in 2016, the White House said...

Lax vetting on Trump nominees begins to frustrate senators

As President Donald Trump’s pick to lead Veterans Affairs skids to a halt, senators from both parties are voicing frustration that the White House...

GOP running out of time for legislative achievements

President Donald Trump and his GOP allies on Capitol Hill have made it through nearly half their first year in power without a single...

GOP candidate for FBI says no special counsel for inquiry

Texas Sen. John Cornyn, one of several candidates President Donald Trump is considering to replace fired FBI Director James Comey, sees no need for...

Candidates under consideration for FBI director

Candidates under consideration to replace fired FBI Director James Comey include a couple of sitting Capitol Hill lawmakers and the current acting director of...

Koch network refusing to help Donald Trump

From a luxury hotel on the edge of the Rocky Mountains, some of the nation's most powerful Republican donors are rebelling against Donald Trump. Billionaire...

A divided Senate answers Orlando with gridlock on gun curbs

A divided Senate blocked rival election-year plans to curb guns on Monday, eight days after the horror of Orlando's mass shooting intensified pressure on...

Jeff Sessions continues to press conservative agenda on immigration

In a letter taking to task Obama administration officials over the release from state custody of more than 100 deportable immigrants who later went...



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