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Donald Trump’s economic aid could approach $1T, senators say

The Trump administration is asking congress to appropriate funds directly to Americans in an effort to shore up households and the economy.

Richard Shelby, U.S. senators: Moscow must not meddle in the 2018...

Visiting U.S. senators on Wednesday urged Russia not to meddle in the U.S. midterm election in November if it wants to improve strained bilateral...

Apology overdue? McCain flap overshadows Trump’s GOP lunch

Last fall, when President Donald Trump headed to Capitol Hill for the Senate Republican lunch, he was feuding with the powerful chair of the...

Lax vetting on Trump nominees begins to frustrate senators

As President Donald Trump’s pick to lead Veterans Affairs skids to a halt, senators from both parties are voicing frustration that the White House...

House chairman: Donald Trump favors privatizing air traffic control

A House committee chairman says President-elect Donald Trump likes the idea of spinning off air traffic control operations from the government and placing them...

Large number of GOP senators skipping Donald Trump’s convention

Sen. Steve Daines of Montana will be fly-fishing with his wife. Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona said he has to mow his lawn (yes, he...

GOP presses Facebook over links to conservative stories

Senate Republicans on Tuesday demanded an explanation from Facebook after reports that former company staffers excluded links to conservative political stories. A senior Facebook...



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