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Donald Trump looking to Sarah Huckabee Sanders in tough moments

Faced with aggressive on-air questioning about the president's wiretapping claims, Sarah Huckabee Sanders didn't flinch, she went folksy. Speaking to George Stephanopoulos on "Good Morning...

Barack Obama praises Press Secretary John Earnest at last session with...

President Barack Obama has made a surprise visit to the final daily press briefing with White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest. Obama praised Earnest Tuesday...

Two US officials to attend Fidel Castro’s funeral in Cuba

White House spokesman Josh Earnest says a high-ranking presidential adviser and the top diplomat to Cuba will represent the United States at Fidel Castro's...

White House: All GOP candidates should disavow Donald Trump

The White House says any Republican presidential candidate too scared of the GOP political base to condemn Donald Trump shouldn't be president. White House spokesman...

Josh Earnest gives props to Obama administration for Paris attacks response

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest credited President Obama's "early investment in our military and our intelligence" that put the French "in a position to carry...



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