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Alabama editorial roundup: Feb. 10, 2019 edition

Recent editorials from Alabama newspapers: ____ Feb. 9 The Dothan Eagle on the recent execution in Alabama:  The State of Alabama put a man to death Thursday. He...

Supreme Court: Execution of Muslim inmate can proceed

he U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday rejected claims from a Muslim inmate who said his religious rights were being violated, clearing the way for...

Alabama appeals order to make execution information public

Alabama is appealing a federal judge’s order to make the state’s lethal injection procedures public and to unseal other court records about an aborted...

Judge tells Alabama to release lethal injection information

Alabama officials were ordered Wednesday to release information about the state’s lethal injection procedure as a federal judge granted news organizations’ request to unseal...

Alabama Sen. Trip Pittman files bill to allow execution by firing...

An Alabama state senator wants to allow the state to carry out executions with firing squad. Montrose- Republican Sen. Trip Pittman said the firing squad should...

Lawyer: Alabama death row inmate mentally incompetent for execution

The U.S. Supreme Court says death-row prisoners must have "rational understanding" that they are about to be executed and why, but lawyer for an...



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