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Donald Trump says he’ll work with congress to stop mass shootings

President Donald Trump expressed a commitment Sunday, hours after the latest deadly mass shooting, to work with a divided Congress to "stop...

Mitch McConnell wants to consider gun background checks in fall

Shifting the gun violence debate, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he now wants to consider background checks and other bills, setting...

Donald Trump head to Dayton, El Paso, facing protest

President Donald Trump headed to El Paso and Dayton on Wednesday to offer a message of healing and unity, but he will...

12 killed, suspected gunman dead in mass shooting at California bar

Using a smoke bomb and a handgun, a hooded Marine combat veteran dressed all in black opened fire during college night at a country...

Ballistic doors, smoke cannons: Firms sell school ‘hardening’ as mass shooting...

Security companies spent years pushing schools to buy more products — from “ballistic attack-resistant” doors to smoke cannons that spew haze from ceilings to...

Alabama politicians react to deadly shooting at Orlando nightclub

Following a deadly shooting early Sunday morning that claimed the lives of at least 50, including the gunman, at a popular gay nightclub in...

Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton display the political divide over gun control

Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush and other Republicans declared their opposition to stiffer gun laws Friday in the aftermath of the Oregon college mass shooting,...



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