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GOP defends Donald Trump as John Bolton book adds pressure for...

The revelation that Bolton authored a book on the topic clouded White House hopes for a swift end to the impeachment trial.

Democrats demand John Bolton testify at Donald Trump’s impeachment trial

A draft of a book from former national security adviser John Bolton appears to undercut a key argument for Donald Trump's defense.

Defense resumes in key impeachment week; Dems seek witnesses

After a two-hour opening argument Saturday, Trump's defense team will lay out its case in depth beginning Monday.

Buckle up: What to watch as impeachment trial takes off

Despite hopes for a speedy trial, things could last longer depending on Senate moderates.

Why we shouldn’t accept the absurdity of dehumanizing people based on...

In just the last several days, there have been several instances of intolerance, bullying and just plain meanness  toward people in politics. More specifically...

Republican attorneys general support citizenship question on census

A Trump administration plan to ask people if they are U.S. citizens during the 2020 census has prompted a legal uproar from Democratic state...

Donald Trump signed improper charity check supporting Florida AG Pam Bondi

Donald Trump's signature, an unmistakable if nearly illegible series of bold vertical flourishes, was scrawled on the improper $25,000 check sent from his personal...

Martin Dyckman: Supreme Court nominees no reason to elect Donald Trump

Some Republicans to whom Donald Trump is the skunk at their garden party would have you elect him president nevertheless. Mark Sanford is one. When...

Former rivals, military leaders, actors to take stage at RNC

Former presidential candidates Ted Cruz, Chris Christie, Scott Walker and Marco Rubio — the latter by video link — are among those set to...



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