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Email Insights: ALGOP to hold rallies for Donald Trump

The Alabama Republican Party is planning three Trump rallies across the state.

Bernie Sanders distances himself from group backing his WH run

Sanders' tax-exempt nonprofit functions much like a super PAC.

Michael Bloomberg outlines plans for cleaner buildings, cars

Bloomberg's plan outlines how he would cut down pollution from cars and trucks.

Elizabeth Warren makes debate case: Democratic woman can beat Donald Trump

Her argument came after she accused Bernie Sanders of saying a woman couldn't be elected President.

Bernie Sanders didn’t think woman could win Presidency, Elizabeth Warren says

The statement drew a swift and strong denial from Bernie Sanders.

Cory Booker ends presidential bid after polling, money struggles

Booker's campaign struggled from the beginning.

2020 Democratic race is wide open in Iowa as caucuses near

Iowa has a solid record of backing the ultimate Democratic nominee.

Facebook Refuses to Ban Political Ads, Even False Ones

The decision follows action by Google and Twitter to restrict or ban political ads on their respective social media platforms.

2020 Election Year to Feature Bitter Fights, Mudslinging

Democrats are taking aim at Donald Trump

Rio2016, Election2016, PokemonGo top global Twitter trends

The Rio Olympics, the American presidential election and Pokemon Go were the top global trends on Twitter in 2016. The social media site says Rio2016...



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