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Updates from the 1st presidential debate

The Latest on the first of three presidential debates between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump (all times EDT): 10:45 p.m. Both candidates concluded the...

GOP team addresses America Saturday

After frenzied, final decision-making, Donald Trump announced Indiana Gov. Mike Pence as his running mate Friday, adding an experienced politician with deep Washington connections...

Running mate Mike Pence: Conservative but not angry about it

As a conservative talk-radio host in the 1990s, Mike Pence described himself as "Rush Limbaugh on decaf." Two decades later, Pence is the unflappable conservative...

Pew Research: Here come Asian immigrants, Millennials and unaffiliated voters

Huge immigration over the past 40 years have made Hispanics America's largest minority group but the next wave isĀ Asian immigrants, and they will overtake...

Mother Angelica, founder of Birmingham’s EWTN, dies on Easter Sunday

Mother Angelica, the founder of Eternal Word Television Network, Inc. (EWTN), died Easter Sunday; she was 92. An Ohio native, Mother Angelica founded EWTN in...

Ben Carson: Seventh-day Adventism is right for him

As his surge in heavily evangelical Iowa puts a spotlight on his faith, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson is opening up about his membership...

For GOP candidates, better to be with pope than against him

To some Republican presidential candidates, it's better to be with the popular pope than against him. Marco Rubio, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have deep...

Katherine Robertson: Reflections on freedom as Independence Day approaches

Raised to love my country and our flag, and because it's reserved for time with my family, the Fourth of July is a day...

Religion and politics: GOP hopefuls’ new insight on faith

The 2016 Republican hopefuls are offering new insight into how faith would guide their decisions in the White House. Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush calls...



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