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Aiming at Donald Trump, Joe Biden says a president’s character matters

In his final Iowa tour this week, Biden has opted to embrace the GOP offensive.

Ahead of impeachment trial, Donald Trump suggests not having it

Donald Trump is suggesting the Senate vote to dismiss the case right away.

Public, election offices may be kept in the dark on hacks

If the FBI discovers that foreign hackers have infiltrated the networks of your county election office, you may not find out about...

Florida recount chugs along as more irregularities surface

Florida's election recount is chugging along as more irregularities are uncovered and a judge asked the warring sides to "ramp down the rhetoric," saying...

Daylight saving time should be eliminated, say officials

For those dazed and confused by changing their clocks twice a year, some elected officials have proposed a solution: make daylight saving time permanent. Economists...

Senators: Allow feds to keep guns from people deemed threat

Senators from both parties are proposing to let federal courts keep guns away from people who show warning signs of violence in response to...

Florida Governor Rick Scott and Disney celebrate UCF as National Champions

I graduated from Florida State University (FSU). My freshman year was 1999 a year they went undefeated; a pretty good football year for my...

Florence Snyder: Let them eat steak, Part 2 – Rick Scott...

While Melissa McCarthy-impersonator Sean Spicer was confiscating his staff 's cellphones in search of leakers to fire, somebody tipped Independent Review Journal's Benny Johnson...

Joe Henderson: DNC Day 3 – organization is everything

Florida Democrats have long since undertaken the groundwork to deliver the Sunshine State to Hillary Clinton in November. In fact, you could say that...

8 Reasons Rick Scott is the perfect veep for Donald Trump

Rick Scott is basically as awful as Donald Trump in so many ways. But before Floridians start petitioning Trump to introduce Scott to a...



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