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Ross Marchand: To avoid mile-long maintenance bills, maintain truck limits

Alabama’s roads and bridges are in a fiscal jam, as the state borrows more and more to keep things running smoothly. According to the...

Rauf Bolden: Solving the traffic problem in Orange Beach

Roads are the lifeblood of a community, moving prosperity, maintaining economic flow. The ones in Orange Beach do not perform well, especially during the...

Walt Maddox unveils infrastructure plan for Alabama’s crumbling roads, bridges

Tuscaloosa Mayor and gubernatorial hopeful, Democrat Walt Maddox unveiled his strategic plan for rebuilding the state's infrastructure on Wednesday. "Roads and bridges carry much more...

Will Ainsworth: Answering Alabama’s infrastructure needs in the 21st century

Toyota/Mazda, Polaris,  Remington,  Hyundai,  Honda,  Airbus, Boeing… These are just a few of the dozens upon dozens of new and expanding industries that have chosen...
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