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Supreme Court rules against immigrants in detention case

 A divided Supreme Court ruled Tuesday against a group of immigrants in a case about the government’s power to detain them after...

More LGBT issues loom as justices near wedding cake decision

A flood of lawsuits over LGBT rights is making its way through courts and will continue, no matter the outcome in the Supreme Court’s...

Annual Supreme Court guessing game: Will Anthony Kennedy stay or go?

Justice Anthony Kennedy has his law clerks lined up for next year. He plans to teach in Salzburg, Austria, in July, as he has...

Rumors surround Justice Anthony Kennedy exit, but he’s not talking

As one justice settles into his new job at the Supreme Court, is another about to leave? Eighty-year-old Justice Anthony Kennedy is so far refusing...

Supreme Court strikes down Texas abortion clinic regulations

The Supreme Court struck down Texas' widely replicated regulation of abortion clinics Monday in the court's biggest abortion case in nearly a quarter century. The...
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