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How moving to Ala. took me from ‘right-wing nut job’ to...

I know a woman's not supposed to reveal her age, but at 37 I've been in and around the political process for about 15...

Priority 1 for next session: Beef up open records laws

I have been long-railing against the insanity that is Alabama's public records laws, or the way executive offices  — specifically the Governor's office, and...

Ask the candidates: Gubernatorial responses on transparency and accountability

Alabama Today sent the candidates a copy of a sitting governor's daily schedule as sent the evening before to press and interested parties. We...

Bradley Byrne: Transparency and accountability in Congress

Last year, the country was shocked to learn terrible stories of sexual harassment taking place in the halls of Congress. The stories themselves were...

Donald Trump’s voting commission criticized for lack of transparency

President Donald Trump's advisory commission on election integrity has integrity questions of its own — with some of its own members raising concerns about...

Study: Alabama earns a “D” in lobbying transparency

According to a new national survey, Alabama ranks near the bottom of the pack among states when it comes to lobbying transparency and disclosure...



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