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Daniel Sutter: Are we running out of resources?

Thanksgiving began as a celebration of Nature’s bounty.  Nature’s bounty includes natural resources.  Despite reports to the contrary, Cato Institute research demonstrates...

Daniel Sutter: The good and bad economics of plea bargains

Plea bargains let persons accused of crimes plead guilty and receive reduced charges or a reduced sentence. Although some people find the...

Daniel Sutter: The games donors and universities play

Controversies over gifts at two SEC schools, Alabama and Missouri, have recently attracted attention. The cases highlight the tension between donor goals...

Daniel Sutter: Is Alabama a poor state?

By most measures of income, yes, but income does not account for the cost of living. Does a low cost of living...

Daniel Sutter: The End of the Allentown Economy

A Remarkably Prescient Song Over 35 years ago during the 1981-82 recession, Billy Joel released “Allentown” about the plight of this Pennsylvania town.  The song...
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