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The Donald Trump-Hillary Clinton Twitter war: Bludgeon vs. stiletto

Back in June, when Donald Trump slammed President Barack Obama's endorsement of Hillary Clinton on Twitter, the Democrat's campaign was quick to tweet back...

For Hillary Clinton, election likely to be won or lost in...

Each night, Hillary Clinton's data experts head to a conference room on the 11th floor of her Brooklyn headquarters, to start counting votes. The sessions...

Updates from the 1st presidential debate

The Latest on the first of three presidential debates between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump (all times EDT): 10:45 p.m. Both candidates concluded the...

Moderator Lester Holt under scrutiny during debate

Everyone's aware of the stakes for Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump during the first presidential debate, but there's a third person in the equation...

Donald Trump campaign plans $140 million ad buy

Donald Trump's campaign is planning for what it says will amount to $140 million worth of advertising from now until Election Day. The total, if...

What’s on Hillary Clinton’s to-do list before Election Day?

Hillary Clinton will celebrate Labor Day with an edge over rival Donald Trump in any number of the most competitive states, even as she...

Hillary Clinton spends big on Rio Olympics ads

The Rio Olympics are in full swing: Michael Phelps is back to winning races in the pool, Simone Biles is running up the score...

Donald Trump’s trap: GOP nominee can’t let go of perceived slights

For Donald Trump, it's become a familiar pattern. The Republican nominee can't let go of a perceived slight, no matter the potential damage to...



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