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Quilts of Valor designed to give comfort to Vietnam Veterans

Two local Vietnam veterans were recently presented with their own Quilts of Valor, honoring them for their military service. The two men, Raymond Paul Phillips...

Alabama exports surging in unexpected corners of the world

It’s clear that 2016 was a stellar year for Alabama exports, with rising shipments in a number of markets worldwide, signaling even more optimism...

Donald Trump nominee decried criticism of judges, senators agree

President Donald Trump insisted Thursday that comments by his Supreme Court nominee criticizing his own attacks on the judiciary were "misrepresented," even as Republican...

World jittery about Donald Trump’s ‘America first’ inaugural speech

President Donald Trump's inaugural speech promised "America first" policy led by a forceful executive, in contrast to the coalition building and international conferences which...

Martin Dyckman: Donald Trump’s remarks about nuclear weapons are scary

Is it time to recycle the daisy ad? The most effective political spot ever filmed begins with a precious little girl pulling petals from a...

Ben Pollara: A Democrat’s unsolicited advice for the GOP that created...

What is more appealing for Democrats like me? Donald Trump as the Republican nominee, or a fractured convention that produces a nominee who received...



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