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Donald Trump’s impeachment trial begins, senators vow ‘impartial justice’

Senators said later that when Roberts appeared the solemnity of the occasion took hold.

Nancy Pelosi sets Wednesday votes to send impeachment to Senate

The long anticipated move comes after weeks of delay.

Pelosi to send impeachment to Senate for historic trial

The move comes after Pelosi refused to send the articles of impeachment for weeks.

Nancy Pelosi Says She Will ‘Soon’ Transmit Impeachment to Senate

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi refuses to say exactly when she will transmit the articles of impeachment to the Senate.

McConnell, Pelosi Stand Firm as Impeachment Remains Frozen

The impasse started as a minor delay and has become a high-stakes showdown.

Nancy Pelosi’s Next Move on Impeachment Unclear as Senate Waits

Pelosi has given little indication what she will do next.

McConnell: GOP Will Start Impeachment Trial, Delay Witnesses

McConnell says he has enough Republican votes to start Donald Trump's impeachment trial.

Bolton Willing to Testify in Impeachment Trial if Subpoenaed

Bolton has said he has first-hand knowledge of events in the impeachment case.

Donald Trump Doubles Down on Potential Strike Sites in Iran

Donald Trump Says Iranian Cultural Sites are Fair Game.

Trump Returns to Washington to Face a Pair of Challenges

Donald Trump faces a new crisis in the Middle East and an upcoming Impeachment Trial.



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