Survey: Robert Bentley’s approval ratings steady at 46 percent; 45 percent disapprove

Robert Bentley 1

Embattled Gov. Robert Bentley may be political dead meat according to his most ardent foes in Montgomery, but a new poll out Thursday shows voters are split on the issue.

Bentley’s approval rating, 46 percent, actually slightly surpassed his disapproval rating. 45 percent of Alabama voters, meanwhile, said they disapprove of the governor.

The firm responsible for the new data, Morning Consult, speculated one reason voters’ opinions lagged behind conventional statehouse wisdom was that the allegations were that Bentley made “inappropriate” remarks to a former staffer and adviser only emerged recently.

“In Bentley’s case, news about his possible impeachment is recent, which may explain why he has yet to be affected,” read a release from the group.

News of the Bentley administration scandal broke in early April.

Despite lumbering through an ongoing political scandal that has rocked Montgomery and let several high-ranking officials wondering aloud about impeachment proceedings, Bentley’s approval ratings are actually higher than several of his gubernatorial counterparts.

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback topped the list of opinion losers in the survey, with some 65 percent of respondents saying they disapprove of the governor. Critics of the Republican governor say his experiment in fiscal conservatism — including slashing taxes and social spending — have tanked the state’s economy.

Number two on the list was Connecticut Democrat Gov. Dan Malloy, who has suffered due to discontent with his handling of the state budget and a weak state economy. 64 percent disapproved of his performance.

Republican Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder rounded out the top three, the only other governor who topped a 60 percent disapproval rating, amid the infamous Flint, MI water crisis which has seen a national furor over deal poisoning in the city’s drinking water supply.


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