Florida lawmaker proposes vanity plate for Auburn University


As it was once said, “the sun never sets on the British Empire.”

But were they referring to Auburn University?

Florida-based communications guru Kevin Cate and state Rep. Jamie Grant released a three-minute YouTube video Friday espousing a joint piety to their alma mater, Alabama’s Auburn University.

Grant, a Republican who represents Hillsborough County and parts of Tampa, plans on filing a bill in the Florida Legislature to create an Auburn specialty license plate, one of over 100 specialty tags offered by the Sunshine State.

What makes the effort particularly noteworthy is that it would be the first collegiate specialty tag honoring an out-of-state school.

However, there is a slight complication (minuscule, some would say) – Florida law.

Since state statutes are not clear on the issue of whether a specialty tag could be created for a non-Florida school, another bill would have to be introduced and passed by lawmakers, many of whom (we assume) are not particularly big fans of the Auburn War Eagles.

Admittedly, it would not be an easy task.

But what’s all this have to do with the British Empire, you ask?

As mentioned earlier, Cate, a Democratic communications expert and one of the sharpest minds in the state of Florida, took to YouTube to promote the idea of an Auburn license plate for Floridians.

The video is titled, appropriately enough: “Auburn Licence Plate for Floridians.”

“Licence?” As in the British English spelling of “license”?

For the casual observer, the mistake (at least we hope it was a typo) has overshadowed what would otherwise be a heartening bipartisan bond between Cate, a prominent Democratic operative, and Grant, an up-and-coming Republican.

To Cate’s credit, as of Saturday, the misspelling was fixed.

Nevertheless, these two “bitter members” of the Auburn family — who are only seeking to show their college pride – could have certainly benefited from a little help from their friends … Merriam-Webster.

That, or we could just hum a few bars of “God Save the Queen.”

For those interested in supporting an Auburn licence plate in Florida, visit iwantmyfloridaauburnplate.com.




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