Ahead of Tuesday court date, a summary of charges against Speaker Mike Hubbard

Mike Hubbard

Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard goes on trial Tuesday. He is accused of using his political positions to make money and obtain financial favors from lobbyists and companies with business before the Alabama Legislature. Hubbard says he is innocent. Among the charges:

Hubbard is accused of using his past position as chairman of the Alabama Republican Party to steer $1 million in party funds to his media companies, Craftmaster printing company and the Auburn Network. The largest sum, according to prosecutors, was $697,479 in printing work that a Florida company subcontracted back to Craftmaster during the 2010 campaign.

The American Pharmacy Cooperative Inc. hired Hubbard in a $5,000-a-month consulting contract. He is accused of voting for legislation that could have benefited the company even though he had a conflict of interest. Budget language that prosecutors said Hubbard endorsed set requirements for any pharmacy benefit manager that Medicaid might hire. The only company that met the requirements was the Cooperative, Medicaid officials have said.

Hubbard is accused of improperly soliciting or receiving a thing of value from Southeast Alabama Gas. The company hired Hubbard in a $12,000-a-month consulting contract. Hubbard is also accused of being improperly paid to represent Southeast Alabama Gas before the Alabama Department of Commerce and Gov. Robert Bentley.

Hubbard is accused of soliciting political consultant Dax Swatek, Business Council of Alabama board member Will Brooke, a Sterne Agee investment company lobbyist, Great Southern Wood President Jimmy Rane and Hoar Construction company for an investment in his business, Craftmaster Printers.

Republished with permission of The Associated Press.


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