Personnel note:​ Jeff Sessions’ communications advisor ​Garrett Murch joins LifeZette team

Garrett Murch and Pat Buchanan
Garrett Murch and political commentator and syndicated columnist Pat Buchanan. [Photo Credit: Garrett Murch Facebook page]

Wednesday, U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions Communications Advisor Garrett Murch announced his departure from the office to join the news website LifeZette.

“After five tremendously rewarding years working as communications advisor to America’s senator, the great Jeff Sessions of Alabama, I want to let you know I have accepted a position with Laura Ingraham’s LifeZette, where on Monday I will begin as senior editor,” Murch said in an email and posted on Facebook Wednesday.

Murch, who brings with him more than a decade of political, policy, and editorial experience, will join LifeZette’s political leadership team and work to expand the reach and influence of the outlet’s political coverage, commentary, and analysis.

“It’s hardly surprising I developed a strong relationship with Laura and her team during my years working proudly for America’s greatest senator, Jeff Sessions,” Murch said. “Their shared attributes of intelligence, commitment, and integrity cannot be topped — at least in DC — so it is only natural I would be drawn to them both, as so many are.”

LifeZette founder and Editor-in-Chief Laura Ingraham hailed the addition of Murch as a crucial step forward in the site’s expansion.

“We are always seeking the smartest, most insightful, most courageous thinkers on politics and the culture as we build out our operation.” Ingraham noted. “Garrett Murch checks every box— and then some.”


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