Conservative presidential candidate Evan McMullin fails to make Alabama ballot


Evan McMullin will not be on the ballot in Alabama.

POLITICO reports the newly announced conservative independent presidential candidate failed to submit required signatures for a spot on Alabama’s general election ballot

The deadline for independent candidate filing, writes Caroline Kelly, was 5 p.m. Thursday, as verified by the Alabama secretary of state’s office.

“We haven’t gotten any, none at all,” said Deputy Chief of Staff John Bennett of McMullin signatures.

Bennett confirmed the office did receive signatures for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, Green Party candidate Jill Stein, and Rocky de la Fuente, running on the Reform Party ticket.

Signatures of registered Alabama voters still need verification before the final results are announced, Bennett told POLITICO.

Although McMullin will be on both the Colorado and Utah ballots, the former CIA employee failed to make nearly one-third of the 24 states with remaining deadlines.

Thursday was also the deadline for Tennessee, which required 250 signatures, but Secretary of State Director of Communications Adam Ghassemi could not confirm to POLITICO that McMullin, who had announced his candidacy last week, had submitted any signatures. Filing deadlines are Friday for Iowa and Louisiana.



  1. McMullin’s campaign is in shambles. His backers, which may include fellow Mormon Mitt Romney, have been desperate to have a viable candidate to oppose Trump who doesn’t reflect their positions nearly exactly. They had their opportunity during the primary elections in Ted Cruz but the voters rejected him.

    McMullin et al are embarrassing all of Mormondom. He should quit the race to save any more embarrassment.

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